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Bojan Z

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Spring 2020 & Summer 2020


In 2017, Bojan Z pianist and producer, received the Grand Prix de la Sacem, today he remains a particular character in the jazz world.

His piano sound is easily recognizable, whatever the context in which it occurs, within its many groups, as well as with Michel Portal, Paolo Fresu, Henri Texier, Julien Lourau, Nils Wogram, Nguyen Lé, Karim Ziad or with Amira a Bosnian singer of whom he has been the arranger and director for 10 years.

Bojan Z was born in 1968 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He touched his first piano at 5 years old. He began with classical piano lessons, the Beatles really disturbed at 6 years and maybe his spath was traced at this day.

Indeed as a yougster he found himslef in the Belgrad Rock scene and also obtained a scholarship to study Jazz in the US with the world famous musician Clare Fischer. Few years Later, Bojan became the « Best young Jazz musician in Yougoslavia ». He left his country at 20 years old to follow his dreams in Paris where he became a key figure in the French Jazz scene.

Rewarded many times by the world of jazz, he keep escaping any kind of classification. A true pioneer of jazz and Balkan music mixing since his first album in 1993 (Bojan Z Quartet), his approach has paved the way and inspired so many musicians to come.


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